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GOFencing is a nonprofit organization created to promote the sport of fencing.

GOFencing is currently working on popularizing saber fencing in the state of Florida by introducing the sport in schools, working on having more tournaments in Florida, and providing support to local clubs and athletes competing nationally and internationally.

Modern Sabre Fencing   by Sydney Sabre

The Physics and Speed of Fencing   by Red Bull

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Competitive  path  and Colleges

For those interested in pursuing a competitive path, the sport offers the opportunity to compete at a regional, national, and international level (World Cups and Olympics).

There are several universities that have NCAA fencing programs (many offering scholarships):

Boston College

Brandeis University

Brown University

California Institute of Technology

Columbia University

Duke University

Harvard University

John Hopkins University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New York University

Ohio State University

Pennsylvania State University

Princeton University

Stanford University

U.S. Air Force Academy

University of California - San Diego

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Pennsylvania

Vassar College

Yale University

Yeshiva University

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The sport of fencing is an elegant and esteemed Olympic sport for people of all ages. It's a fast paced competition where two opponents challenge each other tactically and physically.

Fencing is a total-body activity and a fun way to stay fit. It improves speed, agility, flexibility and reflexes while fostering sportsmanship, integrity, healthy competitive spirit, and a desire for self-improvement.

The sport is a workout for the mind as well as the body. Known as ‘physical chess’, fencers develop discipline, concentration, strategic thinking, and decision making skills important both on and off strip.

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